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Let us work while you are on holidays …

21 September 2017

Damaged racks need immediate repair!

For too long, Australia’s logistics industry has shut down in January only to suffer stress and extra costs by working overtime in February and March trying to catch up. As an industry first, Stow’s accredited service and repairs division, One Stop Shelving, now offers racking inspections and repairs during your quiet period – January.


All businesses with pallet racking in their warehouse should be aware of the Australian regulations and understand that pallet racking must be inspected when racking has been damaged at least every 12 months.

Don’t risk the safety of your employees and your business. Stow Australia offers a warranty on pallet racking products if an inspection is executed by one of our “RackSafe inspectors” every 12 months. The warranty can be extended reaching a maximum warranty period of 20 years if the initial inspection has been executed within the covered warranty period, in a continuous way every 12 months and according to Stow Australia’s inspection requirements. In addition, we also provide a Service Agreement. This will eliminate the hassle and concern of when your next regular service is due; taking care of your racking inspections & repairs while you continue with what your business does best.

You can rely on our RackSafe inspectors who will ensure your pallet racking is compliant with AS4084-12 and that your warehouse is always WorkSafe approved.

Call us on 1800 GET STOW (1800 438 786) or Book now and our team will help keep your employees safe and your business compliant and productive! ­

Remember damaged racks are dangerous!