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European Excellence in Manufacturing

21 September 2017

Stow International - corporate movie 2018

Being part of a European-based global pallet racking manufacturer has its advantages. Quality is a pre-requisite and is at the heart of the Stow brand. As part of Australia’s strategy to combine higher quality products with competitive prices, Stow Australia is now working with Stow’s state-of-the-art European factories.

To ensure availability for tight lead-time projects, Paul Johnson, Stow Australia’s Managing Director, has committed to stocking 10,000 pallet locations of materials. He says, “this is an industry first, and combined with our high European steel quality, clearly differentiates us from competitors and demonstrates our customer focus.”

Stow Australia’s General Manager, Graham Correy, has recently travelled to Europe to meet the staff and inspect the factories. Besides enjoying the warmer weather, delightful sweets and endless coffee and tea, he was extremely impressed with what he saw. “Everyone was very positive and committed to working together. We know the high quality of steel from our European factories will help us offer even better value for our customers.”

Stow became part of the Averys Group in 2013. Averys is an international group, involved in the conception, production and installation of industrial and warehouse storage systems, including heavy-duty, light-duty and automated racking systems. With sales close to € 400M and 11 factories in Europe, the Averys Group with Stow is the third largest storage solutions company in Europe and one of the world leaders.

A complete range of storage solutions is important for our customers. We produce the full range of racking systems including SILO (rack clad building), pallet shuttles, automatic storage and retrieval, multi-tier, selective, cantilever, drive-in, long span and light duty racking.