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Aqipa Customer Testimonial

“From start to finish…it all went flawlessly”

21 September 2017

A new chapter for Aqipa, the Gear Gurus, has begun with the launch of their company in Australia. Stow Australia were able to fully install the racking solution for their new warehouse within 1 week of receiving their order, including a turn-key custom site labelling solution . custom-site-labelling.png Custom site labelling solution Providing a solution to our clients is our goal, and with Aqipa...

European Excellence in Manufacturing

21 September 2017

Stow International - corporate movie 2018 Video of Stow International - corporate movie 2018 Being part of a European-based global pallet racking manufacturer has its advantages. Quality is a pre-requisite and is at the heart of the Stow brand. As part of Australia’s strategy to combine higher quality products with competitive prices, Stow Australia is now working with Stow’s state-of-the-art...

Pallet Racking damaged

Let us work while you are on holidays …

21 September 2017

Damaged racks need immediate repair! For too long, Australia’s logistics industry has shut down in January only to suffer stress and extra costs by working overtime in February and March trying to catch up.

Channel storage racking

Pallet Shuttle technology for state-of-the-art almond processing plant

31 May 2017

Stow recently installed the Atlas II Pallet Shuttle and Selective pallet racking for Select Harvests in their rural almond processing facility in Wemen, Victoria. The Atlas pallet shuttle is an exclusive product to Stow. The shuttle racking system operates as a carrier that automatically moves pallets within our Drive-In style racking . Read more about the Atlas Pallet Shuttle .

Multi-tier picking spiral conveyor

Growing to new heights!

10 April 2017

Stow recently installed a multi-level picking solution for the Fashion Biz DC, Perth. The solution features multi-tier shelving complete with mezzanine floors and staircases and an advanced zone picking conveyor which runs through the structure.

Stow racking inspection & repair service

Did you know that Stow offers comprehensive Service Inspections & Repairs?

6 March 2017

All businesses with pallet racking in their warehouse should be aware of the Australian Standard AS4084-12 and understand that pallet racking must have an inspection every 12 months.

Ego Pharmaceuticals' warehouse

Pallet Racking solution for Ego Pharmaceuticals completed

17 February 2017

10 OUT OF 10! Stow’s pallet racking solution for Ego Pharmaceuticals’ HQ is now complete. The warehouse is designed for growth and will comfortably serve Ego well into the future. Our signature blue and yellow racking looks superb in this state-of-the-art warehouse. Case Study coming soon.

Warehouse for Port Melbourne Food Wholesaler

Fresh Warehouse for Port Melbourne Food Wholesaler

7 February 2017

A FRESH new facility ready to commence business in Port Melbourne’s industrial district… Stow installed Selective Pallet Racking for the temperature controlled warehouse which will store meat, dairy and other fresh produce. With our growing repertoire, Stow is No.1 for cold storage solutions!

MHD magazine front cover

Have you seen our front cover of MHD magazine?

21 September 2016

The MHD September / October 2016 edition was a special feature on “How To Make Your Customers Happy”. In the cover story, Stow Australia outlines our Customer Commitments Charter and the 6 ways we ensure the project deadline is always met… no matter the circumstances!

Racking “well done” … just how you like it!

2 September 2016

Commercial food equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Everything from large catering equipment, refrigeration to tableware and small cooking tools. It takes flexibility and expertise to efficiently store 5000m² of this sort of professional cooking equipment. And that is exactly why Stow Australia was chosen by Federal Hospitality Equipment (FED) to be their industrial racking and storage...