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Small goods racking

Storage in any situation and environment

Stow's Midi Rack is the most versatile long span racking system and is designed for light to medium heavy loads. This allows it to be used in almost any situation, shelving, long span racking, high rise installations on top of mezzanine floors and multi-tier constructions with a maximum capacity of up to 4000 kg.

The Stowshelf® shelving system is perfect for any environment including offices to industrial warehousing. Its versatility and flexibility allow it to perform many tasks including loads up to 230kg per shelf. Multitier installations are available and can be designed to suit your specific needs, with the frame taking up to 4000kg.

Midi Rack longspan shelving

Midi Rack long span shelving

Stow’s fully adjustable Midi Rack® long span racking system is the solution for storage of light to medium heavy loads. You can use the long span racking system in almost any situation: shelving racking, long span racking, multitier and high rise installations.

Stowshelf® shelving system

Stow Shelf shelving system

Stowshelf ® Racks and Shelving system can be applied in any environment, from offices to industrial warehousing. Designed for light to medium heavy loads. Also available as Multi-tier installation.

Stow Archiv' office shelves

Stow Archiv' shelving

Our office archiving system combines optimized storage space and accessibility. Stow Archiv’s shelving systems are designed for office archiving in different dimensions and with multiple accessories.

Multi-tier racking floor

Multi-tier racking

We offer intelligent industrial flooring systems. Both the Stow Shelf ® shelving system and Midi Rack ® can be equipped with flooring and stairs to create multi-tiered racking applications.

High rise shelving

High rise shelving

High-tech for high rise shelving. The Midi Rack ® long span racking and the Stow Shelf ® shelving system are suitable for free-standing high rise installations served by order-picking trucks.

Carton live storage

Carton live storage

Stow’s dynamic storage system that offers many advantages in the order picking process. The roller-beds are designed to increase efficiency while decreasing the floor space required.

Miniload single-store

Miniload single-store

Automate your small parts warehouse. The automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), type Miniload single-store are used for storage of small goods, mostly totes or cartons, with loads varying from 25 to 250 kg/unit.

Miniload multi-store

Miniload multi-store

Miniload for large quantities. The “beam” type automated storage and retrieval system, called the Miniload multi-store system is most commonly used for storing cartons and totes in large quantities and different sizes.