Stow Atlas pallet shuttle

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Stow Atlas pallet shuttle

The fully automated and integrated deep lane pallet shuttle system.

Stow Australia’s deep lane pallet shuttle system (Stow Atlas®) operates as a carrier that moves pallets within our Drive-In racking structure. Stow Atlas optimises and increases storage capacity and efficiency with less manual handling required.

The Stow Atlas shuttle system is a self-powered, remote controlled device that runs on rails in deep storage situations to load and unload pallets. This racking system is sometimes referred to as “satellite racking” or “satellite storage”.

The loading and unloading tasks are communicated via remote control. After the required task is complete, the Atlas Shuttle returns to its home position on the racking system; either to stand-by or be transported to another lane to perform another task.

This solution significantly reduces the overall risk of racking damage due to the forklift not needing to enter the installation itself. Each pallet shuttle is fitted with rechargeable batteries, and Stow Atlas’ superior battery life is a big advantage over other shuttle systems. The Atlas is generally 20-30% better than others in the market. 

Atlas Pallet Shuttle Features…

  • Speed: 0.8 m/s loaded – 1 m/s empty.
  • Load capacity: 25 kg – 1500 kg.
  • Designed & Manufactured in-house by Stow International, Belgium.
  • Designed to work in temperatures as low as -30° C.
  • Unlimited lane depth.
  • Long lasting batteries included.
  • LIFO and FIFO are possible in the same installation.
  • Inventory counting features.
  • Fully compatible with Stow racking systems.
  • Complies with AS4084-2012 and quality assured to ISO 9001.
  • Stow Australia offers regular in-house maintenance by our specialized inspection team.

Market feedback tells us that Stow’s pallet shuttle is not only of superior quality, but it is less expensive than our competitors. Stow’s Atlas pallet shuttle is unique as it is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Europe, with superior materials and cost-effective processes. And because our shuttle is the only one in the market designed and manufactured inhouse… you don’t have to pay for any extra middleman costs!

Stow Atlas pallet shuttle at Specialiteitenbakkerij

  Selective Drive-in Double Deep Atlas shuttle Midi-Rack shelving
Stock rotation Rapid Limited (LIFO only) Moderate Rapid (FIFO or LIFO) Rapid
Picking accessibility Excellent 100% Limited 20% Medium 50% Excellent 100% Excellent 100%
Storage density Low High Moderate High Low
Max height of storage 12m + 12m + 12m + 40m + 2.5m or Multi-Tier
Mechanical handling equipment Walk behind / Ride on stackers. Counter balance / Reach trucks. Counter balance / Reach trucks. Double deep reach forklift. Counter balance / Reach trucks. None. Hand-picking only
Picking rate Fast Slow Moderate Fast Fast
Popular industry application Virtually any industry. Warehousing of limited product lines with high volume. Automotive, 3PL, Cold Storage and Manufacturing Warehousing for 5000+ pallet locations. High volume with low SKUs Spare parts, Carton storage, Apparel, Pharmaceutical and Office storage
Suitable for ... Any product, as bays can be custom fit to suit. Can be fitted with accessories such as Mesh decks. Large quantities of homogenous products that do not all need to be accessible immediately. Any product, as bays can be custom fit to suit. Bulky, heavy goods. Perishable goods that require fast accessibility. High bay warehouses. Light duty storage that does not exceed 200kgs per shelf level.
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