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Pallet racking

Safe pallet handling & storage

Stow Storage Systems Australia will design, supply and install a pallet racking solution that meets your business needs. Optimising your warehouse space is crucial to achieving maximum efficiency and storage capability. The Australian Standard is a “non-negotiable” for Stow Storage Systems Australia and is the base of everything we do! Our racking calculator independently certifies every Australian installation to ensure peace of mind and ultimate racking safety. This industry break through further minimises risk and adds safety to your racking investment.

Flexible heavy duty pallet storage

Through the initial consultation, Stow Storage Systems Australia gathers information and customer requirements, which aids the installation design. This allows us the capability to produce flexible installation options to suit your needs. These include our wide range of frames and beams, which can be optimised for heights up to 35m and bay loads of up to 45 tonnes.

Design Features

Through our consistent product development, Stow has added many market leading product features. These include: The Boltless Connection, Our unique connector allows flexibility for a range of weights whilst maintaining the highest level of stability and our Beam Safety Pin. All of these combined ads the next level of racking safety and performance.

Racking Protection

Add another level of safety to your investment by adding Rack Protection. Rack protection both protects the structural integrity of your installation, but also extends the expected lifespan of your installation. Stow Storage Systems Australia manufactures many types of rack protection to effectively meet your needs. Discuss rack protection and its benefits with our professionals today.

Conventional pallet racking

Selective pallet racking

The Stow Pal Rack® pallet racking system is modular and can be easily adjusted to your needs. The pallet racking system is designed for the optimised storage of goods of all sizes and weights.

Double Deep Racking

Double deep racking

With Stow Australia’s Double Deep racking, products can be stored up to four pallets deep, allowing for rapid dispatch for large pallets of similar size. For higher storage density with stock...

Drive-in racking

Drive-in racking

Increased storage space with Stow Drive In racks. Drive-in racking systems eliminate picking aisles and are the ideal solution for storing large quantities of similar pallets.

Open face racking

Open Face racking

Safe Storage of Containers and Pallets. Stow’s Open face racking is particularly suitable for storage of containers and pallets. As box containers are only supported in their four corners, a safe storage in conventional pallet racking is not possible.

Mobile racking

Mobile racking

Stow’s mobile racking system is composed of conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases. This allows the opening and closing of aisles in the pallet racking. Increase storage capacity with 80%.

Push back pallet racking

Pallet live storage

Our pallet live storage system provides efficient and ultra dense storage of palletised goods with fewer aisles. This increases your storage capacity considerably.

High bay racking

High bay racking

Pallet racking operated by cranes for fast order-picking and optimal use of space. This storage system has very narrow aisles to get the most out of the available space.

Stow Atlas pallet shuttle

Stow Atlas pallet shuttle

The integrated deep lane storage and retrieval pallet shuttle system operates as a carrier that moves pallets within our Drive-In racking structure. Stow Atlas optimises and increases storage capacity and efficiency with less manual handling required.

Clad rack warehouse

Clad rack

Stow Silo is a cost efficient storage solution where the racking is also the load-bearing construction of the warehouse. Saving the cost of an extra building.

Pallet Racking - Midi Rack - Mezzanine

Customised racking systems

Unique storage solutions that fit your needs Stow distinguishes itself from other rack manufacturers by focusing its attention on its customers' storage problems. The solutions may be found in either...

Frame and upright protectors

Rack protection

Protection of the racking against collision from a fork lift truck is important. The expected lifetime will be extended and repairs limited.

Pallet racking footplates


Optimise your pallet storage. We supply all the accessories you need in order to protect your racks and material handling infrastructure.