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Mezzanine Floor Systems

Mezzanine floors

Stow Australia’s Mezzanine Floor dramatically increases the warehouses floor space, intern increasing the storage space of your warehouse. The Mezza-Stow system is unique to Stow, as it has the capability to expand, to move and be modified for future requirements. Added to this, Selective Racking as well as Long Span Shelving can be installed on top of the Mezzanine Floor. Stow Australia’s Mezzanine Floor can be complimented with a full range of accessories such as staircases, handrails and safety gates.

Benefits of Mezzanine floors

  • Increases floor space – without moving premises
  • Modular design and structure allows flexibility and future growth potential
  • Accessories such as sprinkler pipes, electrical cabling and staircases can be easily integrated

Grating floors

Depending on customer requirements, grating can be used as the floor type for your mezzanine floor. This grating is available in various dimensions, thicknesses as well as load ratings. These ratings depend upon the load capacity required as well as the point load and the span of the secondary beams.

Mezzanine flooring combined with pallet racking

The Stow mezzanine flooring is easily attached to pallet racking frames. This allows full utilization of the space underneath the mezzanine floor for storage, as well as unlocking the benefits of the increase floor space above. The Stow mezzanine floor has the capability to integrate in and out feed conveyors and automated racking systems.

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