Cantilever racking

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Cantilever racking

Ideal for long, irregular and mixed loads

Kanti Stow is designed to maximize your storage space whilst giving you easy access to your products. With cantilever racking, you can work with the greatest efficiency and safety. The cantilever racking system is ideal for storing your long, irregular and mixed loads.

Storing goods with Cantilever racking

Stow offers a complete range of cantilever racking systems for the storage of long goods, tall and irregular sized goods. The total capacity for the Stow cantilever racking is up to 2500 kg per arm. For most types of long goods, an optimised storage solution can be provided.

Typical goods that are suitable for cantilever racking are metal and plastic tubes, wooden boards and hot rolled steel profiles. Our cantilever racking uses hot rolled steel profiles (HEA or IPE) for its construction and comes in various sizes and thicknesses.

The finish for cantilever racking for all inside applications is a high quality epoxy polyester powder coating and for external applications is a hot galvanised coating.

Technical characteristics Cantilever racking

  • The column and foot are welded or bolted together.
  • The cantilever racks can be used single or double sided.
  • Column heights of up to 9 meter, perforated every 100mm (or 50mm optional).
  • The Cantilever racking is suitable for forklift and crane handling.
  • Ground guidance can be provided as an option.
  • The beams are bolted and adjustable per 100mm, corresponding with the sizes of the stored goods.
  • Arm lengths of our Cantilever racking range from 600 to 2500mm.