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Industrial racking

Pallet Racking with cartons

Pallet racking

Stow's Pal Rack® storage solution system can cater for all business needs. Products of all sizes and weights can be safely stored using our developed pallet racking system. Stow Australia can efficiently design a customised solution to meet any specific requirements, whilst maintaining the maximum storage potential. We also design the effective use, pick flow and work flow of your warehouse. This ensures you are getting the most out of your racking investment, both in a monetary form and through efficiency.

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Carton shelving platform

Small goods racking

Many businesses are reaping the benefits for storing small goods and products, and there are many ways to do so. Stow Australia has engineered and developed many suitable options for all types of small goods storage. These range from light duty domestic shelving to industrial and heavy warehouse shelving.

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Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking

Stow Australia offers a complete storage solution for long and tall goods – cantilever racking. The total load for cantilever racking varies from 50 to 2500 kg per arm. Stow Australia can provide an optimised storage solution for the majority of long goods suitable for cantilever racking.

Mezaniny Mezza-Stow

Mezzanine Floor Systems

Stow Australia’s Mezzanine Floor dramatically increases the warehouses floor space, intern increasing the storage space of your warehouse. The Mezza-Stow® system is unique to Stow Australia, as it has the capability to expand, to move and be modified for future requirements.